World Culture Workshops

Learn about the world one country at a time with no travel required!

A world culture series for children aged 4-7

Children deserve to live in a world where there is mutual respect and acceptance of differences in customs, beliefs and cultural practices. They deserve to live in a world free of judgment and not be subject to cultural stereotypes. It is also important that each and every one of us learn how to live more sustainably so we can protect and preserve our planet for ourselves and future generations.

I have been engaging children (including mine!) in multi-sensorial world culture activities using sustainable materials and I believe that through a specially curated art-based, hands-on global education curriculum (using the principles of reuse, reduce and recycle), children can learn about world cultures and learn values of respect, tolerance and empathy to not only others but also to our only living planet. They can thus have a better understanding of the diverse world we live in, preparing them to have meaningful interactions in the real world. 

In my workshops, children will explore the world and its continents with Pin it! Maps and Montessori-inspired activities using playdough & pin punching. We will learn about the featured country's culture with hands-on sensorial craft activities, story-telling,  games, celebration of holidays, sampling of local foods and creation of open-ended art history projects while listening to traditional music. Materials used in the workshops will be consciously chosen to repurpose materials and/or be purchased locally to support mumpreneurs.

One country study typically takes 5 sessions to complete. Weekly weekend sessions are held at my home studio in Dover, Singapore every saturday at 10am and again at 2pm. I also conduct holiday workshops in the mornings at 10am.


Join me in my cosy home studio to discover the world explorer in your child! 

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