About Me

Hi! I'm Aparna and I am a mom to two wonderful kids. I'm proud to call my family and I global citizens. I started Global Mindful Journey to bring world culture education to every home using a sensorial curriculum. I am super passionate about teaching children the importance of world cultures and living a sustainable lifestyle so we can appreciate, protect and preserve all that our beautiful planet has to offer to us.


My blog was started to document my kids' journey while we attempt to live a conscious and mindful lifestyle at home. As a Singaporean family, we appreciate the diverse cultures that co-exist harmoniously in this small island nation that we have called home for the last 2 decades. I believe that by learning about different countries' cultures we understand how similar-yet-different the people on our planet are.


I hope that my training as a National Geographic Certified Educator and my passion in the Montessori education philosophy would give me the tools necessary to help inspire parents and caregivers to raise children to be respectful guardians of the planet.


I'm so happy to have you here with me and hope we can inspire each other!

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